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Latest post: Landsat is blowing up.

It’s been an incredible month for all of us denizens of the not-so-shady landsat world.

Go ahead and bookmark all of those links while I catch my breath.

The Landsat scene (heh) is incredible right not which I suppose is what you get when you give good people some space and time and money. The barrier to working with Landsat data has dropped hard and fast; we’ve been given an opportunity to look at ourselves in a new light. In the same way people use Snapchat as a mirror, Landsat imagery gives us access to the face of our planet. A capacity to see both the beautiful and the ugly. A means of stepping back and seeing what sort of effects we’re having. Quantified Earth.

It’s my last week at CodeFellows, and I’m lucky enough to have convinced an awesome group of guys to work on a tool that should help further drop the cost of working with Landsat imagery. We’re releasing in this Friday. If you’re interested, sign up to our email list. At a minimum, there will be cat gifs.



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Landsat is blowing up.
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