19 July 2013

Maine Civic Hack Day

I took part in the first every Maine Civic Hack Day — a fantastic event. Frankly, I’m not sure that any of the teams got anywhere near to a final product, but what’s more important is that we’re beginning to develop the right sort of relationships in this part of Maine. Turns out that there are a lot of closet-hackers in the area.

In particular, the city of Bangor has been refreshingly receptive to the open-source movement. I’m working on cleaning up bangor, a GitHub repo of spatial data that the city felt comfortable releasing. I hope to convince Ellsworth to do the same soon.

Stream Simulation Design Training

I spent a week in June at the Gorman Chairback Lodge learning about stream simulation design with some of the masters of the craft. Restoring fluvial systems can be an incredibly complex task that requires a process-oriented approach and an awareness of feedback loops that you rarely encounter in ‘standard’ construction projects. When you build a house, you think about the structure you’re creating. If you get things to fit together correctly, more often than not, you’ve succeeded. That’s not the case in hydraulic systems. If you don’t consider the power of water and the element of time in your design, you can be sure that it will fail. Stream simulation design forces you to think in 4-dimensions.

Over and over again, I keep discovering the importance of process. I’ve been thinking about it more than anything else for at least the last year. I’m currently working on a few stream simulation related projects now. if you want to be notified when they get released, get in touch.


As always, soccer is a big deal. The AFFC U18 Boys team I’d been coaching placed 2nd at the Coastal Summer Challenge. In addition, we’ve had some excellent pick-up games in Bar Harbor the last couple of months. If you’re in the area, you should definitely be checking it out: Mondays and Fridays at the Bar Harbor YMCA, around 6:15.

Phish + NYC

Caught Phish July 3rd in Bangor(!), and July 5, 6, & 7 in Saratoga and spent the next few days wandering around in Queens. Ate ramen. Made friends at a GeoNYC Meetup. Success.


Jumped out of a plane. It was amazing. Go do it.


Currently finishing up Where Good Ideas Come From, as recommended by Brooke. Tribes is amazing, as is most everything Seth Godin does. Last and First Men became one of my favorites. I don’t mean it lightly when I say it’s life-changing. Star Maker was a bit more of the same, although maybe bit more long-winded.

I’m over on LibraryThing if you want to be friends.


More than anything else, I’ve been thinking about how to execute on the things I think are important. As always, I’ve spread my attention too thin, but there are too many amazing things to work on. A problem, but one I’m happy to have.