24 January 2014

Seacoast United

I’m coaching the Seacoast United U14 Boys this year. It’s a great group of talented kids; we should do well this year. I’m going for Arsenal in attack, and Atletico in defense.

The Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum

Every two years, the Atlantic salmon restoration community meets in Orono for the Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum. Researchers share what they’ve learned, practitioners what they’ve been doing, and everyone gets a chance to step back and see what’s happening at a much broader scale.

Previously ASEF has been hosted by DSRRN; this year, SHARE teamed up with NOAA to host the event. Aside from using Tito to handle registrations and creating a website, not much changed relative to the previous years conferences. We had about the same number of people (~150), we ran it in the same format, and hosted it about the same as has always been done. I’d be curious to know if anyone noticed the transition.

There are some changes I’d like to see made to future events, but all-in-all, I think it went well. Thanks to everyone that helped make it what it was!

DredgeFest & New Orleans

I attended DredgeFest. Aside from being fascinating, it gave me an excuse to visit New Orleans; which is considerably warmer this time of year. It was wonderful. The distinction between land and sea is so much more vague there. The geological realities that people know and understand there were all completely foreign to me.

I had the pleasure of rolling with the Krewe of Arsenal for both the Aston Villa and Fulham matches. Thanks @colinocolin for letting me crash at your place for a few days. I’m still considering everything that happened — New Orleans is a place I hope to return to soon.